Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
Songs for the Journey - The Guardianship of God
Speaker: Todd Murray
Passage: Psalm 121:1-8
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Learning to Pray from the Psalms of Ascents


The Guardianship of God

Psalm 121


In this short Psalm, a vulnerable traveler finds comfort by recalling two aspects of the Lord’s protection.



1. Recalling the Source of Needed Protection [vs. 1-2]

  1. Concern over Danger [vs. 1]




  1. Confidence in the Lord [vs. 2]




2. Recalling the Specifics of Needed Protection [vs. 3-8]

  1. The Lord’s Protection is Enduring [vs. 3-4]




  1. The Lord’s Protection is Extensive [vs. 5-6]




  1. The Lord’s Protection is Eternal [vs. 7-8]