Sunday, Feb 26, 2017PM Service
Behold He is Coming
Speaker: Jerry Wragg
Passage: Revelation 1:4-8
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Below are the descriptions of the seven churches of Revelation provided in the beginning of this sermon per Jerry Wragg.

Ephesus – The hardworking steadfast church that exposes error and would not tolerate evil.

Smyrna – An impoverished congregation, slandered by many and many in the church were imprisoned and sentenced to death.

Pergamum – The church that shined the blinding light of the gospel into the darkest halls of Satan’s dominion.

Thyatira – The church known for excelling still more and to a greater degree, obeyed even more in their persevering faith and love.

Sardis – The church with the artificial pulse; you have a name that you are alive, but you are dead.

Philadelphia – The unassuming church; a faithful church where God’s enemies are forced to bow.  A church where enemies of God are forced to acknowledge His special love and care for His people.

Laodicea – The lukewarm church; full of arrogant, self-sufficient materialists, but perhaps a small remnant of hopefuls remain that God calls to repentance.