Resources / Resource Links to Grow and Learn

    These links are meant to provide you with additional resources as you grow and learn.

    Grace To You
    Grace to You is the teaching/preaching ministry of John MacArthur, Pastor/Teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California. This website provides access to all of his teaching materials in a variety of formats (text, audio, and video). 

    The Spurgeon Archive 
    The Spurgeon Archive is the place for all things pertaining to Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Here you will find free access to his books, sermons, and more. 

    Booklets by Joel James 
    Joel James is Pastor/Teacher of Grace Fellowship in Pretoria, South Africa. This link takes you to the churches resources page where you will find a number of helpful booklets written by Joel James. Among these booklets are: ‘How to Handle Calamity,’ ‘Overcoming Anger,’ and ‘Expository Study: A Practical Guide to Preparing Expository Sermons.’ 

    Christian Classics Library 
    The Christian Classics Ethereal Library provides free online access to some of the most important works throughout church history. These include John Calvin’s Bible Commentaries, Augustine’s works (among other Church Fathers), John Bunyan’s works (such as Pilgrims Progress), works by Jonathan Edwards, and many more.