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Ministries / Institute of Grace

    Institute of Grace


    Institute of Grace is a series of classes available to anyone in the church. Classes run eight weeks during the fall and the spring semesters. Institute of Grace seeks to equip and train lay-members and is intended to be accessible to anyone regardless of previous training or experience. Classes deal with topics such as Bible survey, church history, systematic theology, apologetics, hermeneutics, and a variety of other courses. The courses run on a 3-year cycle and culminate in a certificate of completion.

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    15 Core Curriculum Classes – Three Years to Complete

    • Introduction to the Bible
    • OT Survey I
    • OT Survey II
    • NT Survey I
    • NT Survey II
    • Hermeneutics
    • Introduction to Hebrew Tools
    • Introduction to Greek Tools
    • Theology I
    • Theology II
    • Theology III
    • Theology IV
    • Theology V
    • Christian Apologetical Methodology
    • Survey of Church History and Historical Theology