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    Our History

    Those new to the fellowship of Grace Immanuel Bible Church might find it difficult to imagine that this church was not only one of the first churches in Jupiter but that it was begun in the old schoolhouse on Park Street in 1920 by a small group of believers. At that time it was known as The Jupiter Methodist Episcopal Church South. In 1922, through the generosity of Herbert A. Pennock, a church building was erected. This location would serve this small fellowship for the next 65 years.


    In the early 1980's, the town of Jupiter began to experience a pattern of rapid growth in its population that has continued to the present. New people in town met people who weren't familiar with the character of this independent congregation known then as First Southern Methodist. It was decided that it would be best to give the church a name that better represented its belief and non-denominational position. Many suggestions were made for a new name but the congregation favored two in particular; Grace Bible Church, and Immanuel Bible Church. The decision was left to a vote but the result was a tie. A second vote was taken with the same result. With 'Solomon-like' wisdom the name Grace Immanuel Bible Church was offered for consideration and accepted by a unanimous vote. With Grace (God's unmerited favor), Immanuel (God with us), and a commitment to the Bible (God's Word) a new era in this local church's history was begun.

    The Lord continued to bless and it was not long before this once small congregation was filling two worship services to capacity. Through nothing short of a miracle, the church purchased 5.7 acres at the Indiantown Road entrance to Jonathan's Landing. In 1985 work was begun on a 12,500 sq. ft. multi-purpose building which would serve as a sanctuary, Christian education facility, and fellowship hall.


    The fellowship of Grace Immanuel Bible Church moved from 110 Park St. to 17475 Jonathan Dr. in February 1986. On March 26, 1986, a special dedication service was held. The sanctuary was filled to capacity with members and friends there to thank the Lord for His faithfulness and to sanctify this congregation and building for the Lord's work.

    In August of 1994 construction was completed on a 22,000 sq. ft. Christian Education / Family Life Center. This building houses 19 classrooms, the fellowship hall and the church library. The church offices were also renovated and expanded in 1994 to include space for 10 offices, a workroom and a reception area.

    This congregation has a history of faithfulness to the Lord and the spreading of the Gospel. There have been many needs in the past, many times when giving meant sacrifice, yet the Lord's work never suffered. It is with faith in God's provision and the dedication of this congregation that we look to the future.