Resources / Booklets


    Here you will find access to some of the booklets and articles written by Grace Immanuel’s leadership.

    A Compassionate, Counter-Cultural, Christian Response
    An examination of Scripture passages that address the current racial conflicts in our nation's culture, written by Kevin Huang, a graduate of The Expositors Seminary currently pastoring in North Carolina.

    Affirmations and Denials
    From our Critical Thinking in Critical Times symposium to navigate biblical responses to dangerous assaults on the truth, these affirmations and denials are our attempt to articulate where we stand on these issues; Scripture properly interpreted is the supreme authority in all such matters.

    A Critique of Family-Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham
    A balanced and biblical look at the Family-Integrated Movement (FIC).

    Eight Gifts From a Father to His Children

    Essay on Irritability
    When you come home from a tough day and your family demands attention, are you irritable?  Children know when a parent is not walking according to the Scriptures and submitting themselves to the truth of God’s Word.  An irritable person is someone who cannot tolerate inconveniences in their life.  This short essay examines irritability from God’s Word and provides tools to build habits of looking at every challenge as from the Lord.

    How Do I Know the Miraculous Gifts Aren’t for Today?
    "Are the miraculous spiritual gifts still active in the church? We must ask this question because of the increasing profession of the miraculous gifts among Christians today. How should we test this claim? Frederick Bruner once said, 'The test of anything calling itself Christian is not the significance of its success or its power, though these make the test more imperative. The test is truth.' Do these gifts still exist? I don’t believe they do. How do I know this? The shortest answer is that God revealed it to me! God told me so in His Word."

    Introduction to Postmillennialism

    Just Exactly What Am I Missing? - Jerry Wragg
    A discussion of cessationism

    Music and Worship Ministries: Seeking a Godly Balance
    In this booklet you will find the following: An overview of the concept of worship in Scripture, Presuppositions underlying music and worship at Grace Immanuel, guiding principles for music and worship ministry, weaknesses to avoid in the music of worship ministry, and practical tips for blending timeless and contemporary styles into one service. 

    Navigating the Grey Areas of Life
    "How do we make wholesome, wise, and Christ-honoring decisions when the Bible seems less definitive, giving us freedom of conscience in some areas? It is not enough to simply ask “what’s wrong with it?” or to reason “I haven’t found a Bible verse prohibiting it, therefore it’s ok”. The following is a brief list of helpful questions which promote honest reflection, and compel us to think biblically and critically not only about each decision but the motives behind them."

    Proactive Discipleship
    Often we hear the term “discipleship” and wonder what it means. In the Word of God, we see illustrations of both formal and informal discipleship. We see people being too passive, and we see people being proactive. In the most basic sense, discipleship means helping others become like Jesus (Matt 28:18–20). It takes shape informally as we seek to be more like our Savior in our daily interactions with one another. We also see a more proactive approach in passages like Deuteronomy 6, 2 Timothy 2, and Titus 2. This study is an attempt to assemble what the Bible says about why and how we should proactively disciple others toward greater Christlikeness.

    The Image of God at Work

    The Marks of True Repentance
    Anyone who has been a Christian for any length of time knows that repentance over sin can be an elusive thing to pursue. Oftentimes, we can be discouraged by the plaguing sins in our life and even confused when sin we thought we had defeated creeps back into our life. The Bible promises us victory over sin, but how can we know if we have truly attained it? And how can we troubleshoot the problems in our hearts if we haven’t? This worksheet is meant to arm you with the biblical definition of true repentance so that you can spot the real thing in your life, pursue that which will truly lead to victory, and not be deceived by any cheap substitutes.

    Las Señales del Arrepentimiento Verdadero
    Todos cristianos, incluso los que lleven poco tiempo en la fe, saben que el arrepentimiento del pecado puede ser una cosa elusiva de seguir. Muchas veces podemos estar desmayados por los pecados persistentes en nuestras vidas e incluso estar confundidos cuando vuelve furtivamente en nuestras vidas ese mismo pecado que pensábamos que ya habíamos vencido. La biblia nos promete victoria sobre el pecado, pero ¿cómo podemos estar seguros de que la hemos logrado de verdad? ¿Y cómo podemos identificar los problemas en nuestro corazón en caso de que no lo hayamos logrado? El propósito de este bosquejo es armarte con la definición bíblica del arrepentimiento verdadero para que puedas identificar el arrepentimiento verdadero en tu propia vida, seguir lo que realmente te llevará a la victoria y no estar decepcionado por ningún sustituto barato. 

    Thoughts for Young Women
    Pastor Jerry Wragg writes with urgency and clarity on how to navigate the pitfalls and temptations common to young women. Adapted from a letter he wrote his daughters when they were heading into a new phase of life, “Thoughts for Young Women” calls young women to be “making the most of your time because the days are evil” (Eph 5:16). The temptations in our hearts and in the culture, as well as the flurry of distractions in the social media age so easily lead us astray from our grounding in Scripture. Pastor Jerry lovingly warns that drifting from biblical moorings brings generational repercussions on our children and families: “I wanted them to know that nothing would ever be more important than preparing right now for what God has for them in the future.”

    Ungodly Dating Relationships: How to Avoid Getting Stung
    “Dating. The very word can evoke strong feelings, both good and bad. Many books in recent years have tried to clear up some of the confusion, but they’ve often raised additional questions that further cloud the issue. The principles outlined in this brief essay are not designed to critique the various views on dating. In fact, it’s not really a discussion of dating at all. Rather, the purpose here is to get very specific about how relationships quickly get into trouble, and to articulate principles that help the people of God avoid the perils of an ungodly relationship." 

    Which Church is God's Will for Me?
    “Should I stay in my church or find another one?” This booklet seeks to answer this question by explaining that God wants you to go to a church that has the following non-negotiable realities: (1) God’s Voice Is the Only One Heard in the Church; (2) Qualified Men Lead the Church; (3) Kingdom Membership is Manifested in Church Membership.